Norwegian structures

from a Polish manufacturer

Temporary Warehouse buildings and structures

Our storage buildings are waterproof and can be used year-round. They are made of high quality PVC material, so they can be used in all weather conditions, even in winter. We offer also temporary warehouses with enhanced load-bearing properties (in case of fresh snow).


Temporary Industrial buildings and structures

Temporary industrial buildings have a very broad use. They can be used, for example, as a warehouse, workshop or garage. The fact that they can be easily expanded and even moved to another place works to their advantage. Our portable buildings can be adjusted to the requirements of local counties, and are available for purchase at very attractive prices.


Event Marquees

For UK customers we offer party marquees. They enjoy a great popularity in this region. Our event tents are quick to assemble and perfect for such events as weddings, banquets, concerts, and even festivals. Wedding marquees may be equipped with, for example, lighting, air conditioning or heating.


Sports arena tents

Temporary buildings are also suitable for organizing various types of sporting events. It is possible to create a swimming pool, ice rink, tennis or squash court, and even a riding school in our sports arena tents. They work as well for small events as for large, mass events.


Other types